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Friday, December 01, 2006

Ultimate Soul Christmas!!

Liz burned me a CD called "Ultimate Soul Christmas" and it is pretty much the best thing ever, if not for the sheer awesomeness of the compilation itself, then at least for the reaction it gets from my housemates. I love it. Our knitting group meets (for the second time, hooray!) at her house tonight, so I hope she plays it.

Not craft-related whatsoever, but today is World AIDS day. I suggest you recognize it by doing one or more of the following things:
- set up an appointment to get tested for HIV if you aren't 100% sure of your status
- talk to your current sexual partner(s) about their history
- research how many people die every day from this totally preventable disease
- write to your elected officials about why you think it's important to fund HIV/AIDS prevention programs
- talk to your friends about how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
- donate money to fund HIV/AIDS prevention programs or research
- educate yourself (and everyone you know!) about HIV/AIDS

Or just look at this picture some of my favorite craftsters (millik & fizzledimpulse) sent me this morning:

This girl was totally wearing a skin-tight pair of jeans that had cats and swirlies painted on with shiny gold paint!! Of course we took a picture for you, because what are you going to do when you see cat pants in real life? You can't tell they are cat pants in the photo, but I'm going to share with you anyway because it's the thought that counts, right? (from millik)

I love it. Gold stars for millik and fizzledimpulse!!

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