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Monday, March 26, 2007


After many problems with my blogger account -- weird language settings and cookie issues -- I've finally figured it out! What a pain. I'm glad to have access to my blog again, though, since there are a number of things I've been meaning to post.

I'm still searching for the perfect grocery tote pattern. This one was okay, but I made it a little smaller than I should have, I think. It went to Sara, the manager of Glad Rags, for her birthday. She shares a birthday with one of my clients, who also works at Glad Rags. The hat was for him, in Blazers colors since he's quite the fan. The teeny little hat in the picture was sent to my cousin Jessie, whose baby Hailey was born in February. I had originally made two pairs of booties to go with, but the cats stole one of each pair and I was too lazy/busy to make new sets!

I'm particularly proud of this little fella. He was made for the One Tiny Thing Swap (round 11!) on Craftster. I used the SWAT Team Kitties pattern and gave him a gold earring, sailor shirt, and eye-patch to piratize him. If the pattern had legs, I would have given him a pegleg, too!

Next term is going to be a busy one for me, but I'm hoping that my lecture classes/bus rides will allow me plenty of knitting time. I'm also taking Ceramics, which I'm quite excited about, and a spinning class at a local yarn shop. Finally I'll conquer my wheel!

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