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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moses and I have just returned from the park on the loveliest, springiest day of the year so far. The birds have been chirping raucously for a couple of weeks, and the daffodils have been hesitantly waking up, but today -- with the buds of the magnolias and camellias looking like they might burst open at any moment -- was definitively spring.*

Today I had my first experiment with RIT dye, dyeing a linen skirt obtained at a Naked Lady Party.** The skirt began life an unfortunate pale pink, about the same color of my skin when I'm feeling somewhat ill. One bubbling pot of ick and ten stained fingernails later, it emerged blue... ish. I'm not too pleased with the way it turned out; it looks sort of denim-y and uneven, and considerably less "royal" than it did at first. I might buy more of the same and dye over it, but I'll probably just be lazy and wear it as is.

*Yes, I know that spring doesn't "officially" start for another two weeks and no, I don't care.

**I am all about the footnotes today! A Naked Lady Party doesn't actually involve any naked ladies -- it's a clothing swap party.



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